“Opportunities & Optimism”

2023 MABA-MGEA Convention and Pesticide Workshop  
Heritage Inn – Great Falls, Montana 

January 25 – January 27, 2023 


Tuesday, January 24th    

1:00    Trade Show Set Up Begins in Convention Area at Heritage Inn 

Registration Desk Open until 5 p.m. by Lobby Entrance to Trade Show 

4:30    MABA/MGEA Boards of Directors Meeting   

 Wednesday, January 25th    

7:15    Registration Desk Open

7:30    Rolls, Coffee and Juice in Trade Show     

 Pesticide Recertification Agronomic Workshop  American-Britain-Canadian Rooms  

SPONSOR: Corteva AgriScience

CCA-3 IPM/ Pesticide Credits – Dlr-3, Ag Plant-3, Seed Treat – 1, ROW-2,D&R-3, Reg Weed-2, Private Ag Pest-3

 Moderators:  Tanner Hoversland 

 8:00    Insecticide 101 – Insecticide recommendations for grasshoppers, wireworms and pyrethroid resistant alfalfa weevils, Kevin Wanner

 9:00    Drought Impacts to Herbicide Carryover – Spencer McIntosh

 10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Nutrien Ag

 10:30  Improving the management of chickpea, field pea, and lentil diseases - Michael Wunsch Plant Pathologist, NDSU Carrington  

 11:30  BUFFET LUNCH in Trade Show   SPONSOR: Heartland Ag 

Moderator:   Jake Yates

Congressional Updates – Senator Daines, Senator Tester, Congressman Rosendale

 12:30  Joint Session  American-Britain-Canadian Rooms –

Moderators:   Jake Yates




 Grain Session, Montana/Alberta Rooms 

Moderator:   Gordon Holt

 Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, Forest-1, O & T-1, ROW-1, D&R-1, SU-1, Reg Weed-1, Private Ag Pest-1

1:30    Pesticide Safety - Cecil Tharp, MSU  

 Joint Session, American-Britain-Canadian Rooms – 

 Moderators:    Katelin Standley


2:30    Security Hardening Isn’t Tough (S.H.I.T) - Chris Sellers, Central Services Director, FirstCall

 Afternoon and Evening:   

3:30    Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:  Novozymes

 Social Hour SPONSOR:  SPONSOR:   MolsonCoors and Helena AgriEnterprises

 Raffle of a pistol and an ammo gift card before 5:30 p.m.  SPONSOR: Centrol and Winfield United   

 7:00    Evening on Your Own  

 Thursday,  January 26th   

6:30    Prayer Breakfast – Willow Creek Restaurant  

7:30    Registration Desk Open by Lobby Entrance to Trade Show 

Rolls, Coffee and Juice in Trade Show  

 Agronomy Sessions, American-Britain Rooms  

 Moderators:   Marcus Weatherhead

 8:00    Soil Water Measurement and Irrigation Management - Kent McVay SARC            

Cropping Systems Specialist  CCA-1 SW

 9:00    Canola Challenges and Opportunities - Mark Torno, Winfield United CCA-1 CM

 10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR: Koch Agronomic Services

 10:30  Biologicals/BioStimulants - Karl Wyant    CCA-1 SW

 Grain Sessions, Montana/Alberta Rooms –  

 Moderators: Reed Gibson   

 8:00  PNW Update - Kurt Haarmann, Senior Vice-President, Grain & Oilseeds, CGI       

9:00  BNSF Update – Jim Titsworth, General Director, Agricultural Development, BNSF

10:00  Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:   Koch Agronomic Services

10:30  MGEA Annual Meeting – Montana/Alberta Rooms 

11:30  MABF Annual Meeting, Montana/Alberta Rooms



12:00  New Agriculture Professionals Meet and Greet - Lewis and Clark Rooms,  
SPONSOR:   406 Agronomy

Moderators: Johnnie Scott  

Joint Session American-Britain-Canadian Rooms 

Moderators:  Trevin Likens

1:00    Employee Recruitment and Retention - John Caldwell, State of Montana

Agronomy Sessions American-Britain Rooms    

Moderators:   James Baguley

 Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, D&R-1, Private Ag Pest-1

2:00    Nutrient Management Impacts of Drought - Alan Blaylock, Nutrien   


 2:30    Ice Cream Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:   Montana Metal Fabrications

3:00    Strategies for Replanting Winter Crops - Christopher Graham, Associate Professor Manager, West River Research Farm, South Dakota State University CCA-1 CM

Grain Sessions, Montana/Alberta Rooms 

Moderators:  Greg Thayer 

2:00  Railyard Safety – Michael Hughes, Superintendent of Safety and Operating Practices, BNSF

2:30    Ice Cream Break in Trade Show SPONSOR:   Montana Metal Fabrications

3:00  OSHA Update – Anthony Castillo, Assistant Area Director

4:00 Trade Show Social Hour:  SPONSOR: Busch Ag

 Evening Event, American-Britain-Canadian SPONSOR:   BASF and Nutrien

Moderator:   Jake Yates and Katelin Standley

 5:00  Doors Open – Silent Auction Items and Social --  

 5:15  Evening Kick Off By  

 5:30  Banquet Begins – Silent Auction Throughout  
Wine/Microbrew Station SPONSOR: Atticus LLC

  6:00 Keynote Speaker: Jerry Carroll   SPONSOR: Syngenta

  7:00  Live Auction of Major Items –Willie Krueger

 Friday, January 27th     

 Agronomy Sessions, American-Britain - SPONSOR: CHS   

 Moderators:   Jeff Farkell

  Pesticide Credits – Dlr-1, Ag Plant-1, D&R-1, Private Aquatic Pest-1

8:00   Warm Season Crops – Jeff Jackson, Winfield United   CCA-1 CM    

9:00   Fungal Pathogens of pulse crops, sugar beets and cereals - Frankie Crutcher, EARC Assistant Professor Plant Pathology  CCA-1 IPM

 10:00 Developing an Irrigation Decision Support System for Montana’s Crops -   Jasmine Neupane, Assistant Research Professor at MSU  CCA-1 SW

11:00  Long-term Rotation Studies related to cover crops, winter dicot crops, no-till and organic systems - Perry Miller, Professor Cropping Systems           


12:00  Convention Concludes     

 Board Meetings, Montana-Alberta 

  9:00  Montana Grain Elevator Association 

11:00  Montana Agricultural Business Association 

12:00  MABA-MGEA Joint Board Meeting Evaluating Convention